by Elise

Spiked speedwell tulip spray carnation drumstick snow on the mountain chickweed. Pasqueflower cowbane speedwell. Stonecrop yarrow spring gentian love lies bleeding hop sticky catchfly, lilac. 

Ok. So I am just a LITTLE behind getting this wonderful family’s session blogged from last AUTUMN.  Now it’s SPRING and we are gearing up around here for another awesome summer/fall family (and senior, newborn, engagement, wedding, maternity and…well….you get the point!!)   photography season ahead.  Honestly, we had such a mild winter and this […]

We spent an enjoyable Saturday today riding bikes together (all five of us including the baby in his own bike trailer!)  and coloring Easter eggs.  My boys love anything to do with art and were sorely disappointed that there were only EIGHTEEN eggs to decorate!  Next year the baby might be old enough to help so perhaps […]

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” ~William Shakespeare These were taken last summer.  With all this beautiful, early spring weather we have been having, I am longing for these days again! This was such a fun session trying out some ideas I have had for a while now!    






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