by Elise

Spiked speedwell tulip spray carnation drumstick snow on the mountain chickweed. Pasqueflower cowbane speedwell. Stonecrop yarrow spring gentian love lies bleeding hop sticky catchfly, lilac. 

Oh, those days of waiting.  Anticipating the hard-won moment when you will finally get to hold your precious child for the first time.  To see what they look like…what color will their hair be?  Will they even have hair?  But once the baby is born, it’s easy to forget the pregnancy part.  Dreaming Hollow Photography Fine […]

Welcome to my August Lensbaby Project! Weather-wise, August has been a bit scarce for sunshine.  Lots of clouds and dull, gray days.  Not my favorite for photographing Seniors, Families, Babies, and Engaged couples.  But hey, if it isn’t snowing, I won’t complain (too much!) haha! This session was dear to my heart, not just because […]

VALENTINE MINI’S and BLACK DRESS SESSIONS are happening right now! Details: We are now accepting bookings on a limited basis. First come, first served. *Bookings are being accepted now thru FEBRUARY 5TH. *Session lasts ONE HOUR and is $99. Please arrive ON TIME and ready to be photographed. * Included are (25) 4X6” VALENTINE CARDS. […]

BLACK DRESS SESSIONS are here!!! We are still accepting bookings. First come, first served. *Bookings are being accepted now thru FEBRUARY 5TH. * These sessions are for expectant mothers, mother’s with children, and as a beauty session for women of all ages. Adult black skirt is provided. Black blouse or top must be provided for […]

My friend Tory wore this fun, blue-gingham summer dress one day which immediately made me think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I remember this movie as a child and loved everything about it….including those famous red shoes which, for those of you who are acquainted with me, know I have a huge fondness for. Which in turn inspired this […]






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