by Elise

Spiked speedwell tulip spray carnation drumstick snow on the mountain chickweed. Pasqueflower cowbane speedwell. Stonecrop yarrow spring gentian love lies bleeding hop sticky catchfly, lilac. 

It’s always fun to reach out to and draw inspiration from others in the photography industry. Today I am posting an interview about my friend and fellow photographer Lydia Lynn who is a Colorado Springs, CO based photographer. Lydia has a soft, romantic, and beautifully sun-washed style that I admire so much!   Tessa:  What […]

Friends!! “A real friend helps us think our best thoughts, do our noblest deeds, be our finest selves.”  ~Unknown Just a few of my  favorite friend images from last year! Seniors sometimes ask if they can bring their friends along to their photo session and I always respond with an enthusiastic, “yes!!” I encourage you to bring […]






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