by Elise

Spiked speedwell tulip spray carnation drumstick snow on the mountain chickweed. Pasqueflower cowbane speedwell. Stonecrop yarrow spring gentian love lies bleeding hop sticky catchfly, lilac. 

There is that saying, “the days are long but the years are short.”  Our babies start out tiny and then before we know it, they are great big and we wonder, WHERE did the time go? This was an incredibly special session documenting this beautiful glowing mother-to-be and her daughter.  Big sister is so excited […]

Oh, those days of waiting.  Anticipating the hard-won moment when you will finally get to hold your precious child for the first time.  To see what they look like…what color will their hair be?  Will they even have hair?  But once the baby is born, it’s easy to forget the pregnancy part.  Dreaming Hollow Photography Fine […]

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a new baby! When I arrived at Angela and Tom’s house in Laramie for their Newborn/Family portraits, big brother greeted me at the door.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I did HIS baby pictures and now here he was as a handsome red-haired little man, running, laughing, and pulling […]

With all this talk lately about nurses, I just wanted to add my appreciation for one of the most revered professions ever. Like many women, I had long, arduous labors with the births of each of my children. I don’t recall a whole lot during those countless hours but I do remember very clearly the nurses […]

It’s that time again!!  HOORAY for Fall!! WHAT IS IT?  Golden Autumn Portrait sessions with complimentary photo greeting cards for early bookings!   Think beautiful fall colors including scarlett leaves and golden fall evenings, chunky sweaters, rich jewel tones, apples, cute boots…you get the idea! WHY? In order to help beat the frantic fall rush we […]






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