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be adventurous    


be epic 

be strong

be confident

be a dreamer

be yourself

be you.

be epic.

be adventurous.

be you.

be epic.

be adventurous.

be adventurous.

be epic.

be you.

be adventurous.

be epic.

be you.

With over eight years experience as a Laramie senior photographer, I truly love helping each Senior look and feel AMAZING. 

Together, we will find fashion-inspired clothing that is just right for you.  

Helping you look AND feel your best as well as have fun is all part of the experience!

Our Seniors travel from all ends of Wyoming and Colorado to receive artistic, one of a kind Senior pictures showing their unique personality in the beauty of Laramie and Cheyenne!

If you are a Senior who is adventurous and a bit of a dreamer, I would love to create beautiful portraits showcasing you!


I am a mom of three and understand how precious children are and that this moment for you is bittersweet!   
I promise to make this a special day and memory for you and your senior as well as show her how truly beautiful they are, inside and out.

For Mom

“You’re beautiful, just the way you are. 

Shine on. 

And dare anyone to turn off the lights.” 

We specialize in heirloom quality gallery wrapped canvas, metal, and fine art frames for a stunning presentation that will last a lifetime.  

Each portrait is meticulously hand finished using only the purest archival materials, such as what you would find in a fine art gallery or museum.  The expected timeline to create each framed or finished one-of-a-kind portrait and album is 8-12 weeks.

Our luxurious fine glass folio boxes and Italian crafted albums are a beautiful and timeless way to enjoy all your favorite images.

We look forward to creating the perfect display for you! 

Portrait Art

Stunning and Magical!”

Tessa is absolutely the best in the business. I never have to worry if the photo will be ok because it's always perfect! She can take the worst conditions and make it magical. One of my daughter's favorite shoots was a rainy day where Tessa said let's go ahead with the outdoor shoot. 

 Tessa got the most amazing photos capturing joy in my daughter's eyes as she danced in the rain! Stunning! Tessa knows how to work lighting to bring out the best in her subjects. She is simply amazing! I highly recommend her for any occasion. ~Shawna B.

Amazing, effortless experience!”
"Dreaming Hollow Photography is one of Laramie Wyoming's finest photographers. Her work is so artistic, yet timeless. The emotion she captures with each session is priceless. Working with her is an amazing experience and her customer service is like no other. The entire process was so effortless and professional. I would highly recommend Dreaming Hollow Photography to anyone in the Laramie area!!" ~Kandi A.

"Tessa is not only a fantastic photographer, but she has an eye for epic shots that evoke incredible emotions. I've trusted her with not only my own family's portraits, but also for glamour/pageant photography for clients. She is an excellent choice if you want a unique photo that tells/show the passion of the one being photographed. Engagement, wedding, senior portraits, materniy, newborn, glamour, family! She is AMAZING!" ~Angela VP

"After my session with Tessa, I will never go to a different photographer. Her portraiture is absolutely stunning, and she managed to take some wonderful pictures, despite our weather conditions! What she creates is art in it's finest form, and to anyone considering her as their photographer, I highly recommend her. You will NOT be disappointed!"  ~Chloe T.

"I just wanted to say thanks a bunch!!! I hate taking pictures in general and especially looking at them afterwards....but I LOVED these!!!! You've been awesome....Thanks again!" ~Ainslee R.

"These take my breath away. How am I ever going to decide? I love them!!!! Thank you SO much!!! ~Jennifer M.


We may ask ourselves, who am I to be


who are you NOT to be?

~Marinanne Williamson

brilliant, gorgeous

talented and fabulous?