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I believe that beautiful portraits of our family can retain their beauty, tenderness and magic for a lifetime.

There is a picture I have of my grandparents taken around 75 years ago in downtown Chicago when they became engaged. It's indescribably precious to me because it's a glimpse into their love story. Thank goodness someone was there to capture that moment, preserved for me to enjoy today even tho they have long since passed away. I show my kids and say, this is your history, this is where it all began.  

I am a wife of 16 years and the mother of three beautiful boys! Becoming a mother has been one of the most amazing and powerful experiences of my life.  

As a mother, portraits of mys sons and family have truly become my greatest treasure. My boys are growing up so quickly, they are moving beyond the baby years. Every time I look at this picture, I can remember how much I loved to snuggle with my youngest son. What his hair smelled like, how soft and warm his breath was on my neck. It brings me back to that moment and is something I just cannot put a price on.

Cell phone are obsolete in a year, cars wear out, furniture goes out of style. All these things we purchase today will end up in the recycle bin in the blink of an eye but a portrait of family can be enjoyed every day, will last for generations. Now that's TRULY amazing!

Preserving what matters most to my clients is my greatest honor and privilege!

Mother. Wife. Artist. Dreamer.

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