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Mar 26, 2016

Golden Summer: Family Photography in Laramie / Cheyenne

Sometimes the weather in Laramie can be less than desirable in the winters but the summers!  Oh, the summers are worth living here for!  It rarely gets much above 80 degrees and the evenings cool off nicely.  And the sunsets and evenings are just divine….just like on this gorgeous summer evening when I photographed the Hime family.  Warm golden light, soft breezes, gentle hum of birds and leaves…these are the perfect conditions for gorgeous family pictures!  It’s the kind of evening that you dream about in the spring when you get rocked with another whopping wet March blizzard!

I have so enjoyed getting to know the Hime family through the years!  You may know them already since they are the editors of Wyoming Weddings and Wyoming Lifestyles magazine and are also the owners of the Laramie Dance Center.  So it’s no surprise at all that with such ambitious and talented parents that their children would have some of that awesome sauce.  These kids both sing and dance and I was blown away by their talent!  I have a special spot in my heart for the arts and it was so special to me to be able to photograph these sweet children doing their thing and being their amazing selves!!

Kids grow so fast and it is never wasted time to document the moments, the affection and the love between families and their children!  I know I tend to take for granted the things that are happening now but our family photos become more priceless as time goes on and my children grow and change!

Gorgeous outdoor family photography in Laramie Wyoming. IMG_9346 IMG_9368 IMG_9381 IMG_9383 IMG_9401 IMG_9411 IMG_9435 IMG_9462-Edit-Edit IMG_9474 IMG_9554

  1. Kandi Anderson says:

    What a beautiful family! You captured them so perfectl!! I love the picture of the kids playing and the parents dancing! Absolutly beautiful, Tessa Satake!

  2. Jen Strozewski says:

    Wow! Such a gorgeous family session!! If I ever travel to Laramie, I will absolutely book you for a photo session. You are so talented and I just love the scenery of that location. My favorite is seeing the children play music while the parents dance! So romantic!!

  3. Natasha Wiening says:

    These are truely magical. I would enlarge and frame the image with the kids playing their guitar and the parents dancing in the sunset, it is just perfect!!! They are so lucky to have had you capture such amazing photographs for them!

  4. Lorena Gililland Turner says:

    These are great! Love all the colors!!!

  5. Linda Bainter says:

    Beautiful location to capture this family enjoying each other. So true that the moment we are in as a family seems common, but will be a treasusred memory very soon. Love the kids playing for their parents and the sillohette, gorgeous captures Tessa!

  6. Lara Greenwood says:

    Love how you captured this family and had them include their love of music. I so admire that kind of talent. Gorgeous captures. I am sure the family will be so thrilled!!!

  7. Lindsay says:

    These images are so pretty. The summer light is just stunning and the connection between this family that you managed to capture is perfect. Love the guitar pictures!

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