Just Being A Boy (Laramie Professional Studio Picture Photography)

My “baby” just turned four last week.

I didn’t know it then (when we were trying for a third baby) but he was born just in the nick of time before it was no longer possible to add to our family.

Life often has unexpected twists and turns.

I remember so clearly thinking while we were driving back home to Laramie from the hospital (Denver) and I would peek into the backseat to look at his sweet newborn baby face how he completed our family so perfectly.  I felt then and feel more than ever now how lucky we are to have three healthy, happy children!

For his Four Year Birthday photos, I wanted to be sure I got a few pictures that really showed his lively, all-boy imagination and personality. It was a cold, wet snowy Laramie day so this indoor studio picture was the perfect way to keep warm and still “get the shot.”

The best photos to me are the ones where your kids are vaguely aware you are there and they just go about doing their thing, un-selfconscious and content.

 Just being a boy.  Just being a kid. Can’t you just hear the airplane sounds? 🙂

This year it’s been my goal to organize and print our family pictures.  It’s easy to put it off, intending to do it later but seeing how much our family loves looking through old family picture albums and noticing how friends and family go straight to our walls to look at the wall art of our family history makes it absolutely worthwhile.   It’s important to me to have a hard copy of both snapshots and the professional photos.  Neither I nor my family can enjoy our memories if they are on a cd or hard drive!

Laramie family picture photographerIMG_6661-3Laramie child picture photographer

This is the sweet little smile he gives me often.  It’s half shy, half sweet and it’s always there when I go to pick him up from his Laramie pre-school during the week.


November 18, 2014



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