Mother Loss

Mother Loss

If you walk into the grocery store right now, you will see buckets of flowers, cards, chocolates and a myriad of gifts for Mother’s Day.  For many women, it’s a happy day, commemorating the years of sweetness that comes with motherhood.  This celebration can include sticky kisses, hand-drawn cards featuring crayon masterpieces, phone calls from afar from grown children, and awkward tho heartfelt hugs from teenagers.  However for some, Mother’s Day may be tinged with varying degrees of sadness, remembrance and loss which may make the day hard day to get through, perhaps even be profoundly depressing.

Today I am thinking of my Aunt Laurie who lost her daughter years ago to childhood cancer.  And I am thinking of women who have suffered infertility, miscarriages, still births, SIDS, childhood abductions, and accidents. And many other mother’s who are right now holding their children very close, fighting terrible and courageous battles against childhood illness and disease.

This post is also for women who wanted desperately to become mother’s but because of health/medical issues never were able to realize that dream.

My thoughts are also with the women whose children have grown to adulthood and are in desperate situations (maybe where they don’t even realize they need help) due to poor life choices and/or mental illness.   For these women, the best mother’s day present ever would simply be knowing that their child was warm, safe, and in a good place.

And there are many other categories of sorrow/loss that I haven’t touched on here. You are not forgotten either!

I feel so very thankful to be the mother to three wonderful, healthy boys who have filled our lives with joy.  My heart goes out to the many who may not know this same joy or for whom it is more sorrow than sweet.

If you know of someone who would enjoy this post, please share it. And more importantly, if you know someone who has experienced some form of sorrow/loss, please REACH OUT TO THEM, even just a hug can go a long way to know that someone cares!

May 9, 2015



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